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Sweet Dog Abandoned When His Owners Split Up ... And Both Move On Without Him

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Sebastian must have been scared and confused when his owners dumped him at Daviess County Animal Control, in Owensboro, Kentucky, in May. The 3-year-old dog had lived with his family since he was a puppy, but when his parents split up, neither wanted Sebastian.

"All they really told us is that neither one of them could keep him," a shelter representative told The Dodo.

Sebastian spent two months at the shelter waiting for a new family. Pets are often caught in the middle of breakups and divorces, with couples fighting about who gets custody of beloved animals. But in Sebastian's case, no one was fighting over him.

"He was a little timid the first few days," the shelter representative told The Dodo. But after some time, Sebastian showed his true colors at the shelter. "He was just super sweet with everybody ... he seemed pretty happy-go-lucky."

Luckily Sebastian's story has a happy ending. A post about him on a volunteer-run Facebook page got lots of attention - and just last week he went home with his new family.

Sebastian's new mom drove two hours to pick him up and take him home, where he'll live happily and permanently with three doggy siblings.