Swan Dies After Tourist Grabs Him From Lake For Selfie

Apparently, she just had to get that selfie.

So badly, in fact, this tourist reportedly dragged a swan from a lake so she could get a couple of snaps - before leaving the bird to die on the beach.

Although, the Huffington Post reports that a witness saw the bird eventually get up again after lying on the shore for a few anxious moments.

Several pictures posted to Facebook show the woman hauling the bird from the shores of Lake Ohrid in Macedonia. The swan appears to resist, his body contorting as he struggles to return to the water.

The birds, according to Macedonia Online, had become accustomed to tourists over the years and were easily approachable.

Once the woman was done posing with this swan, the newspaper added, she dumped him on the ground and returned to her tour bus.

Last month, a baby dolphin was killed on a beach in Argentina after being pawed by a mob of tourists seeking to have their pictures taken with the animal.

And who could forget the crazed horde who let a baby shark choke to death so they could take selfies on a New York beach?

Also, in case you were wondering, this is how you take a swan selfie.