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Swan Couple Separated By Sickness Has Sweetest Reunion

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They're the kind of couple that would finish each other's sentences - if they spoke in sentences.

But when one swan got sick, he was separated from his love.

Saddled with a severe infection, the swan had to leave the Netherlands canal the pair calls home to be treated. For probably the first time since they chose each other 10 years ago, the perfectly matched couple was torn apart.

A beautiful video making the internet rounds among animal lovers everywhere shows the moment when the recovered swan returns to his love.

Gently released by a rescuer, he gives his tail a good shake before hopping back into the canal where his love awaits.

She immediately swims over. And they neck.

And neck.

And neck.

Their sweet display warmed the hearts of animal lovers and romantics everywhere.

"So heartwarming!!!" one Facebook commenter wrote. "Just proves what I'm always preaching: animals of all types & species DO have souls, hearts, minds, whatever you want to call it. They have feelings & should never be discarded as mere lumps of fur or feathers!!"

Facebook/For Animals

"Having worked with several Swan species," another added, "I have witnessed first hand how strongly they bond with their mates .... In general, they don't thrive when left alone so it is vital to keep the original pair together .... This is true of many waterfowl. Great to see these two back together, nice work!!"

Then, like any seasoned couple accustomed to balancing romance and real life, after their moment of tenderness, the pair gets on with the logistics of the day.