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Survey: Rhino Horn Consumers Seek "Social Status" Boost

A consumer report conducted in two cities in Vietnam took a survey on the motivations of consumers of illegal rhino horn -- the very first report of its kind. The surveyors interviewed 720 people in the cities of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, MongaBay reports:

The findings added insight into why Vietnamese consumers really buy illicit rhino horn. While many studies and news reports have noted that people use rhino horn for its supposed medicinal values, the report reveals that a combination of both perceived medicinal benefits and improved social status are driving booming rhino horn consumption in Vietnam.

The report also found that a typical rhino horn consumer was likely to be male, 48-years-old, married, with two children around 20-years-old. It also said his motivation is likely to provide a sense of wealth, power, social status and hard work. And, interestingly, most of these consumers were unaware of the impact their consumption has on the wild rhino population.

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