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Sufi after becoming healthy six months after arrival.

We purchased a rare cat, a BLUE Somali, almost nine months ago. I won't go into all the disappointing details about his prior care during the years he was a stud in the cattery where we found him, but he was very sick for the first four months he was here and had to have extensive dental surgery when he was well enough to undergo the anesthesia. When he got here we realized he probably had only had the ONE dental cleaning we had requested and paid for before he was shipped to us. His teeth and gums had such obviously terrible disease that SEVEN teeth had to be DRILLED out, but we were fortunate that our Mobile Vet, who did the procedure, is very well educated, from the Auburn Vet School, and gave him long acting nerve blocks in either side of his mouth, plus IV antibiotics and IV pain medication, before waking him up, so he wouldn't be in extreme discomfort from what amounted to basically SEVEN root canals. The most I have had in one day was two and I was in agony so I was very upset and didn't sleep most of the night. He only wanted to be on the pillows in our window seat resting but returned to our bed, where he usually sleeps between the two of us, the day after his procedure. Fortunately he's a very tough little guy and came through it like a champ, begging for food the very next morning! Our vet had told us to just keep him quiet so we expected him to just want to sleep, but we gave him softened meals as soon as he wanted to eat. He's now the most beautiful and sweet cat I have ever had and I had a cattery in my younger days where I bred and showed the Somali breed, which is obviously my favorite and now my husband's, too. This charming cat is so smart he's been watching me type on this laptop since he got here. One day when my husband had the laptop in the kitchen on the "Island" in the middle of the work space, where he uses it as he cooks the three of us delicious meals, he turned around to find Sufi with his paws on the keyboard as his big bushy tail swung back and forth signaling his delight at his newly mastered task! My husband got this on his iPhone and uploaded it to YouTube, calling it "Sufi on the Mac" so have a look for guaranteed giggles. But do give him a few moments to get back to typing after being "discovered". I have to admit I'm very proud of this, knowing he's the smartest cat of the twenty or so cats I have owned! But one the best parts now is that he's healthy beyond our expectations with an extraordinary coat that's long, silky and thick. He looks like our own miniature lion with a bushy ruff and a dense mane of hair on his head and neck. So, a lot of love, and good heath care by our Mobile Vet (which we highly recommend over the trauma of visits to a clinic), who picks him up and cuddles him for a few minutes before her heath care begins, have brought him to a new life. We have even, at her request, happily given her permission to use his pictures to showcase her website. So, it's true that love and care will make your pet a happy well adjusted little guy or gal, to grace your home and make you happy, too!