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11 Stubborn Dogs Who Prefer To Sit On ... Other Dogs

1. "What? He makes a perfect pillow!"

(Reddit: edifyingheresy)

2. "Other dog? What other dog?"

(Reddit: Princess_Consuela_)

3. "He was being sassy, so he got sat on."

(Reddit: thewun11)

4. "Nope, haven't seen the other dog all day!"

(Reddit: clubkorea)

5. " ... We're not very good at sharing chairs."

(Reddit: Hairymop)

6. "Yep, my calculations were correct - the other dog IS way comfier than my bed."

(Reddit: WhoIsKyserSoze)

7. "I will happily accept treats on the other dog's behalf!"

(Reddit: McShane1)

8. "He's basically my giant, furry throne."

(Reddit: stoopidtrooper)

9. "True friends are the ones you can sit on."

(Reddit: caagan)

10. "He offers the perfect amount of lumbar support."

(Reddit: alexinedh)

11. "Oh, why thank you - I WILL have a seat!"

(Reddit: snwalters)

Better watch your back, cats - dogs aren't afraid of sitting on you, either!