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18 Struggles Only A Cat Owner Understands

1. When you cannot for the life of you find your cat, and are terrified she ran away. In reality, she just thinks it's funny to hide from you.

2. When her food bowl is still two-thirds of the way full and she considers it empty.

3. When out of the blue he decides he doesn't want to eat his own food anymore.

4. When the stove is his favorite place hang out and you have to make sure he doesn't try to jump up onto it while you're using it.

5. When he knocks over his litter box and then proceeds the run around in the mess. Litter. Every. Where.

6. When he's sweet enough to bring you a present ... and it's a dead mouse.

7. When in the middle of the night she decides the only place she could possibly sleep is on your face.

8. When you're trying to work and she sits on her favorite bed.

9. When every time you leave the house she tries to leave along with you. Every. Time.

10. When she desperately wants to come into the bathroom with you, and as soon as you close the door she needs to get out again.

11. When you have friends over who really want to meet your cat, and he is nowhere to be seen all night.

12. When you have to double check every time you close the fridge or a cabinet.

13. When you're trying to pack and this happens.

14. When you get a new TV, stereo, computer, etc. and it becomes her new favorite toy.

15. When he decides to do something he's not supposed to do and gets stuck in a hilariously unfortunate position.

16. When she destroys the roll of paper towels, toilet paper, box of tissues, etc. and then proudly sits by her mess, victorious.

17. When he tries to eat every plant you have.

18. When she does everything she's not supposed to, but you love her dearly anyway. Good thing she's cute.

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