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Racy Fundraiser Wants You To Save The Whales ... By Watching Porn

Call it stripping for Flipper.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, adult video site PornHub has launched a new charity campaign to raise funds for whales and dolphins, pledging to donate one cent to Washington's non-profit Moclips Cetological Society for every 2,000 videos viewed on the site until April.



That might not sound like a lot, but with over 60 million visitors to the website a day, humping could end up helping a lot of humpbacks in the month of February.

"We're now asking our community turn their attention to – and help save – a different type of blowhole," said PornHub Vice President Corey Price in a statement.

Moclips President Ken Balcomb noted that the website was as an unusually fitting benefactor for the non-profit dedicated to the research and conservation of the famously amorous marine mammals.



"Humans are not the only mammals that engage in sexual activities for reasons other than procreation," said Balcomb. "Cetaceans – whales, dolphins and porpoises – are very sexual animals and have evolved a variety of fascinating social life histories beyond simple procreation."

The whales, of course, surely don't care where the money's coming from.

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