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Stressed College Students Turn To Puppy Therapy

At Ryerson University's Centre for Student Development and Counselling, on the university's main campus in Toronto, students stressed out about final exams have a new, fluffier way to relax: puppy therapy. Says one of Ryerson's counselors to CTV:

The puppy room is just a unique place on campus where there's laughter and smiles and it's just a place where students can some to relax and take a break from all the stressors that are associated with this time of year.

The dogs come from St. John's Ambulance and Therapeutic Paws of Canada, an organization that lends dogs (often older dogs, which are less likely to be adopted) to people in hospitals, retirement homes, and schools with the purpose of providing affection and comfort. The students seem to love it as much as the dogs--"It's amazing what they do for you, they just make you feel so relaxed. They calm all the nerves for exams, it's great," one Ryerson student told CTV News.