Dog Who Lost His Nose Is Still Waiting For Someone To Love Him

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Like the Egyptian god of the underworld he was named after, Anubis hailed from a very dark place.

His dreary domain spanned the underbellies of parked cars on the bustling streets of Cairo, Egypt.


That's where he agonized in silence after having half his muzzle cut off.

Rescuers say he was likely barking too much when someone from the neighborhood decided to do the unthinkable.


Since then, Anubis has been lifted from his underworld and given a chance at a real life.

Thanks to the efforts of Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation (SNARR) - and a legion of volunteers - Anubis made an incredible journey halfway around the world to the United States last January.

And he embraced the land of the living.

In foster care, he traded his former bed of dirty pavement for the softest landing of all.


Anubis connected instantly with humans, dogs and cats alike.


And ice cream.


And yet, months after arriving in the U.S., Anubis' journey to the land of the living is not yet complete.

He's still searching for a home.


"He wasn't originally going to be available to be publicly adopted," Lauren Connelly of SNARR tells The Dodo. "His foster family loves him and wanted to keep him, but we've come to find that Anubis is a dominant male. The family has another dog with a similar personality and both want to be top dog, so to speak."

Maybe it's a trait Anubis learned while he was fending for himself on the streets of Cairo. But today, he's very much an alpha dog. He needs to the one and only in the house, or at least share a home with submissive females. And, instead of guarding a lonely block of Cairo, today Anubis likes to watch over the ones he loves.

"His foster says he is glued to his people 24/7, a true guardian," Connelly says.


And despite his harrowing background, Anubis has boundless faith in humans.

"He's a very confident, friendly dog, which is amazing after what he's been through with some bad humans."

Think you could be his best human ever? Fill out an adoption page on SNARR's website. Or get in touch through the group's Facebook page.

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