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Stray Pit Bulls Facing Certain Death In Arkansas Town Get Second Chance

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An Arkansas animal shelter has been fighting to save rescued pit bulls from immediate euthanasia - and Thursday, it succeeded.

For the past 8 years, when any pit bull type dog arrived at the Jacksonville Animal Shelter, a local law dictated that if the dogs went unclaimed after three days, they would be killed. If someone dropped off a box of pit bull puppies, that "actually meant a death sentence," the shelter's animal control supervisor, Hedy Wuelling, told The Dodo.

The shelter and other rescue groups worked with the Jacksonville City Council to successfully add a provision to the law: The city's shelters are no longer obligated to kill certain dogs based on breed or appearance, and pit bulls are now eligible to be fostered and adopted out of the city.

There's still a ban on owning pit bulls in Jacksonville, as well as in several of the surrounding municipalities, however, which pit bull advocates like Pulaski County Humane Society's Karen Kelly would like to see lifted.

Wuelling is happy the shelter's hands are no longer tied when it comes to putting down pit bulls. The change went into effect immediately after a unanimous round of "yeas" from the city council, she said. "Things are getting better and better."