Stray Kitten Goes To A Park And Leaves With Her Forever Family

Sometimes, it really is love at first sight.

A stray kitten was wandering through a park when she made a decision: That would be the day she'd find her forever family.

She surveyed the area, and suddenly, she found him.

The kitten approached Twitter user Kawasaki_Hina and made it very clear that she was ready to love him forever. As he tried to walk away, she followed him, and eventually he knew he just had to take her home.

Once the stray kitten arrived at her new friend's house, she immediately fell asleep, and the smile on her face said it all.

She had found her home.

That was all the convincing he needed. Kawasaki_Hina knew she was now his.

The little kitten took no time at all to make herself right at home. It's almost as if she knew that was where she always belonged.

Now the kitten and her new friend are inseparable ....

... and now that she's found him, she'll never let him out of her sight ever again.

They love each other unconditionally, and that's the best happy ending anyone could ever ask for.