Stray Dogs Trash Man's Car After He Kicked Their Friend

Revenge, like a freshly poured bowl of the finest wet dog food, is a dish best served cold. That's something one not-so-nice man in China has learned the hard way.

According to China Central Television (CCTV), after the motorist rudely kicked a stray dog in a parking lot in the city of Shijiazhuang, the offended pup didn't resort to violence against him. Rather, she seems to have had a different form of payback in mind - one that required a little help from her friends.

"The dog instead returned with a pack of other dogs and started biting the man's car," CCTV reported on Facebook.

Photos from the scene, apparently snapped by a passerby, show at least three dogs who seem dead-set on inflicting as much damage as possible to the kicker's car. Using their powerful jaws, the furry vandals can be seen leaving bite marks in the vehicles body panel - a calling card to their canine vigilantism.

It's unclear when the incident took place, or how the man reacted upon finding his dog-bitten car, but the recent response on Chinese social media has been hardly condemning of the animals' actions.

"Dogs have feelings too," wrote one commenter to the post. "And revenge in many ways is one of thier [sic] way of getting back at you went [sic] you treat them bad."

While it's impossible to say for certain that they were truly acting out of some desire for justice, dogs are known to cause damage to property when stressed or anxious, and the car may very well have been deemed an easy target. Even if it does defy a certain explanation, we hope the man who kicked the dog took a lesson from it regardless.