Stray Dog Sees Guy With Knife — And Jumps In To Save Woman’s Life

For most of his life, he was a dog with no name. The only thing he owned was a past that was written all over his body.

His back leg was badly bent, likely from being hit by a car. He was covered in scars.

"He has lived a hellish life," Carla Welch of Fighting for the Bullys tells The Dodo.

But last week, maybe for the first time in his life, this dog earned a name. And a future.

Fighting for the Bullys

While roaming the streets of Baldwin, Georgia, he came across a man and woman in a heated argument. The man pulled out a knife. The dog leapt between him and the woman.

The dog was stabbed five times for his trouble. He may have saved a stranger's life. Even if it nearly cost him his own.

When Sgt. Timothy Clay and officer Daniel Seeley arrived on the scene, they found a dog bleeding out on the street.

While the dog's condition seemed grim, they couldn't leave him there to die. The officers found a veterinarian who was willing to reopen her clinic at that late hour.

Once there, the dog collapsed on the operating table.

"His gums were white already because he had lost so much blood," Welch says.

Fighting for the Bullys

Eventually, the dog was stabilized. And days later, he was on his way to Welch's rescue in Tennessee with a shiny new name: Hero.

Fighting for the Bullys

"This dog was meant to live," Welch says. "He is amazing. The poor thing has had a hellish life. His life has changed from yesterday on."

Fighting for the Bullys

Thanks to the expected heroes. And the unexpected ones.

"Deputy Seeley and myself are extremely grateful to all of the people involved with helping save Hero's life," Clay told The Dodo. "Unfortunately, we see a lot of bad things, but it's incidents like this that make you feel great about our job."

But this chain of heroism - stretching from the dog to the police officers to the veterinarian to the rescue group - is missing one last link.

Maybe it's you. Hero needs a home. Think you can help?

Get in touch with Fighting for the Bullys here.

You can also make a donation to help pay for his medical bills here.