Stray Dog With Broken Leg Leads Rescuers To The Sweetest Surprise

They followed her for miles.

No one can say for certain how this gentle greyhound came to be stray before she was found clinging to life on the streets with an injured leg. But after being saved from that painful ordeal, it soon became clear to her rescuers just who she'd been living for.

Veterinarian Ellen Sobry first met the dog last Saturday, after her friend, Lianne, discovered her scavenging for food near a market in Vera, Spain.

Vera, as the dog herself is now named, wasn't just emaciated and malnourished, one of her legs was also fractured. Most crucially though, Ellen noticed that Vera was lactating - an indication that she'd recently birthed a litter of puppies.

Rather than leave the dog's offspring behind to fend for themselves, Ellen and Lianne wanted to try to save them, too. But where could they be?

So, after stabilizing Vera's leg, they returned as a group to the spot where she'd been rescued. And that's when the adventure began.

Vera started to lead them further and further ...

... and she just kept walking.

"We followed her for over 3km, [and] ended up somewhere in the [countryside of] Vera," Ellen wrote online.

It was there that Vera directed them to a broken-down car outside of an abandoned house, leading to what Ellen described as a "big discovery."

In the shell of that car, about two miles from where they started, were Vera's babies.

"10 little lives waiting for their mum..." wrote Ellen.

Their mother had saved their lives.

Vera and her puppies have since returned to Ellen's clinic to recuperate together as a family. With any luck, they'll remain together until finding a forever home - but their story already has a happy ending, writes Ellen:

"They are safe now."