25-Year-Old Stray Cat Found On The Other Side Of The World

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Ozzie showed up at an animal shelter in the U.K. earlier this month looking like most stray cats - no tags, no collar and no apparent clues about his history. But a microchip scan at the Cats Protection shelter in Armagh revealed a mysterious surprise - Ozzie was 25 years old ... and from Australia.


Volunteers at the shelter were totally baffled by the results, which indicated that Ozzie was born in 1989, oceans away from where he is now. He was microchipped in Sydney in 2000, and then showed up in a London vet clinic in 2004 before resurfacing again in Armagh.


The microchip had no contact information for Ozzie's owners, but if he is a lost cat, they're certainly in for a huge surprise. Now the rescue is desperately seeking information about Ozzie's history, and perhaps, eventually, a new forever home.

"He is very thin but incredibly handsome," the shelter posted on Facebook. "Ozzie is a gentle affectionate cat. If only he could tell us of his travels."