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Puppy Alone In The Woods Finds The Perfect Person

Reddit user Ramedafohj was out in the woods "geocaching," which is basically a real-life treasure hunt, when she stumbled across something even more unexpected than buried treasure - a hungry little puppy.

"I thought she was a squirrel at first then she came and stood on my foot and I almost fell over," Ramedafohj posted online.

Ramedafohj took the pup to a veterinarian right away, where "They gave her some food and water because she was clearly malnourished. She only weighed 3.8lbs."

It was clear that this puppy wouldn't have survived long on her own in the woods.

Ramedafohj decided to name the puppy Gia, and introduced her to her new older brother, Mator, an 8-year-old miniature pinscher. It was pretty clear from the start that Gia was there to stay.

Gia was soon settled in for good with her new family - and, according to Ramedafohj, "She likes to party."

Gia's 4 months old now, and weighs a healthy 28 pounds, according to Ramedafohj, way bigger than her older brother. She's also, apparently, mastered the art of making puppy eyes.

If it weren't for a lucky coincidence, Gia might never have made it out of the woods. But thanks to a human who was in the right place in the right time (and was happy to add a new family member to the pack) Gia will never know hunger or loneliness again.