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4 Strange And Adorable Farm Animal Friends

People use the word "humanity" as a synonym for compassion, and "animal instincts" when someone does something mean, but these examples show that maybe we should reconsider.

This fearless baby kitten likes to wander into the pasture, but there's always one horse who makes sure she's safe while the others gallup about.

Submitted by Sharon Savastio

Look quickly and you might miss it. That's not a strange, multi-colored cow. The neighbor's goats just have strange sleeping habits.

Submitted by Melanie Harvey

To be fair, Zuzu the cat might just think this is the world's greatest ball of yarn, but this sheep is perfectly happy to give a daily ride as long as she gets her back scratched.

Submitted by Barbara Silverstein

Perhaps it's the similar coloring, but these baby lambs like to practice their headbutting on the friendly family boxer (at least until the horns grow in).

Submitted by Louise Dunham

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