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Blue Whale Gets Stranded On Beach, So People Rush To Save Her

Sometimes, doing what is right can be a massive undertaking. Fortunately, there are few challenges too great when enough kindhearted people join forces to be instruments of good.

In this case, it meant saving the life of one of the largest animals on Earth.

Over the weekend, a young blue whale was spotted in the direst of predicaments after becoming stranded in the shallows near the village of Madban, India. Unable to propel herself forward to deeper waters, the 47-foot animal instead struggled in the sand, though her efforts were in vain.

Time for her was running short - but thankfully, help was soon on the way.

Within hours of the whale's discovery, some 50 local villagers and volunteers, along with forestry officials, descended upon the beach to try to save her. They wrapped her body in ropes to pull her back out to sea.

Two boats offshore were there to assist in the effort - though it was still no easy task given the whale weighed an estimated 20 tons.

One forestry official told the Hindustan Times that it was "the biggest rescue of beached mammal in [their] history."

Despite the obvious challenges, however, the group's efforts paid off.

After eight hours of toiling in the surf, they finally managed to move the whale far enough out so she could swim away on her own.

As is often the case with such strandings, it's unclear why the blue whale ventured so perilously near to land as to become stuck - but she was still apparently strong enough to carry on after the long ordeal.

"The animal could have suffered an injury or an internal parasitic infection due to which it lost its navigation abilities and moved closer to the shore," another official told the news outlet. "However, after the massive rescue operation, we saw the whale speed its way back into the deep sea."