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Cat Tries To Get His Annoying Younger Brother To Quit It Already

<p> <em><a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nu5e8XT2JE">YouTube/HamletTheCat</a></em><span></span> </p>

Sometimes brothers just ... really annoy each other.

Sebastian the cat loves to watch his videos, but he also likes to get a little excited and paw at the screen. His brother Hamlet really doesn't like the noise that makes. Like, he really doesn't like it.


And he's willing to try anything to get him to stop.

"I will block you with my body now."


"Stop it Sebastian! Stop it! Staahp."


It looks like Sebastian is determined to keep scratching at his vids and Hamlet is determined to stop him. This is a sibling standoff that could go on infinitely ... or at least until everyone involved decides it's time for a nap.