Stolen Pit Bull Is Overjoyed To See Her Puppies Again

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When Kelly Cole spotted a pit bull running alongside a man as he biked by on a Medford, Oregon street last week, she immediately knew something was off.

The pittie was clearly a new mom - Cole could tell she should be nursing her newborns, but instead she was "running on the hot pavement next to [the man] on his bicycle in 90 degree weather," Cole posted on her Facebook page.

So Cole stopped and offered to take the dog off the man's hands and, to her surprise, he let her, the Mail Tribune reported.

The dog was in rough shape from being dragged alongside the man on the bike. "The bottoms of her feet are completely blistered, peeled off and raw," Cole wrote on Facebook. "She can barely walk."

Cole knew that, somewhere out there, this sweet dog's puppies were missing their mama. Amazingly, Irina Howard, the dog's foster mom, saw Cole's Facebook post and contacted her - and that's when the whole dramatic story came to light.

The mama dog's name was Sadie and she had been stolen from her foster mom's backyard. The man who took her was homeless and grabbed Sadie because he reminded her of a dog he used to have.

Howard had been desperately searching for her, especially because Sadie had six new puppies at home to care for.

Last week, Cole brought an overjoyed Sadie back to her foster home where she was happily reunited with her puppies.

The best part is, the story has a happy ending for all - Sadie and her puppies have all found forever homes where they'll live the pampered, drama-free lives they deserve.