Dog Stolen From Owner Says 'I Missed You' With Giant Hug

"You're gonna go viral, you know."

You can hear this accurate prediction spoken in the background of a recent video featuring the reunion between a man and a dog after they had been separated for seven months.

The volunteers at Collier County Domestic Animal Services Department (CDAS) in Naples, Florida, captured the high-energy moment when the pit bull mix, Mary Jane, greeted the man, who appears to be her favorite person in the world.

In the video, Mary Jane licks her friend's face over and over again as he purses his lips shut. He lifts his head away for a second and tells her, "I've gotta breathe!"

Mary Jane was stolen seven months ago, according to a Facebook post from CDAS.

During her time away from her family, she somehow wound up at CDAS, where she received a new name: Chloe.

Below is a photo of Mary Jane (Chloe), on the left. On the right is Eva, one of her bunkmates.

Now, she's back in the loving arms of her family. A voice can be heard saying in the background of the reunion video: "That is one happy dog."