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Steve-O Pleased He Might Be Prosecuted For Altering Sign To Read 'SeaWorld Sucks'

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Last May, motorists approaching SeaWorld's San Diego location were greeted by a slightly-altered freeway sign that seemed to capture the growing sentiment against the marine park in the wake of the film "Blackfish."

Up until recently, the person behind the stunt had been a mystery - that is, until The Dodo revealed it was comedian Steve-O. He said that he'd simply taped a piece of paper onto the sign as to not cause any permanent damage, except perhaps to SeaWorld's reputation.

"I'm putting my foot down for Shamu," Steve-O said in a video posted online.

Despite the harmlessness of the act, the California Highway Patrol filed a recommendation to the San Diego District Attorney's office that Steve-O be prosecuted for vandalism - and Steve-O couldn't be happier about it, telling TMZ:

"I'd like to thank the CHP for breathing new life into this story. Bring on the publicity because SeaWorld sucks."