This Pig Is As Smart As Any Dog You've Ever Met

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In honor of National Pig Day on Sunday, here's one of the smartest little pigs you've ever seen.

Stefa, who appears to live in Poland with a professional dog trainer, has clearly been watching her canine buddies and picked up some tricks of her own. Watch her do her own take on agility training, and prove that pigs' storied intelligence can make them a fair match for any dog.

She can weave through poles:


She can spin in circles:


She can walk on her owner's feet:


Here's a close-up:


She can leap through hoops:


She can even jump surprisingly high considering how short her little legs are:


It's no secret that pigs are remarkably smart. They are very fast learners, can play video games with joysticks and can use mirrors to navigate to their food. And those are just human measures of intelligence. Knowing just how smart pigs are makes it all the more sad that so many of them languish away their lives in large factory farming operations, being continually bred and missing out on the social relationships that are crucial to their mental well-being.

Luckily, Stefa appears to be leading a very happy and healthy life with her human. For more of her incredible talents, watch the adorably produced video below.

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Before you run out and get your own Stefa, remember that pigs only make good pets for very prepared, accommodating caregivers. Many people fall prey to breeders claiming they're selling "teacup" or miniature pigs, which are actually just young or malnourished pigs that often get dumped when their owners realize they're about to have a full-grown pig on their hands.

As always, if you're considering adding an animal to your family, go with adoption and do your research.