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Stop The Dolphin Slaughter In The Faroes. f.b.

Faroe islands grinds.For many centuries the Grindadrap was a necessary way of sustaining the local population, but now it's an obsolete blood sport. Pilot whales are ruthlessly herded by a flotilla of small boats and driven ,sometimes for hours, into shallow waters and mercilessly dragged by hooks and ropes onto the killing beaches.
Whole pods including juveniles and pregnant mothers are attacked with knives and lances and slaughtered in the name of tradition.
They claim this happens for food but the meat is so poisoned with pcb's and mercury that it has been declared unfit for human consumption.
It is a blood sport - nothing more, nothing less. The group i am part of 'Stop the dolphin slaughter world wide' is fighting to get this'tradition' a thing of the past where it belongs.Sir Cliff Richard is due to headline the Sommerfestivalen in the Faroes on 4th Aug 2016, we are respectfully requesting him to reconsider appearing in a place that causes so much suffering to whales for fun. #BloodCliff