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Squirrels In This Backyard Go On The Most Thrilling Adventures

It's always funny to see an animal playing with a very human object - and one man has given some lucky squirrels the opportunity to do just that.

Photographer Max Ellis takes stunning pictures of various wildlife and started a project called Squirrelisimo that allows the ordinary squirrels living in his backyard to embark on adventures of a lifetime.

Ellis presents the squirrels with every day things, such as a game of Jenga, and photographs whatever unfolds. He doesn't interfere with or pose the squirrels, and he doesn't use Photoshop - every moment that he captures actually happened.

"The squirrels in these images live in the big trees behind my garden," Ellis wrote on his website. "They come every day to see what's new and investigate it."

Ellis gives his backyard squirrels all kinds of opportunities. He shows them tools for improving their day-to-day lives.

Like umbrellas for keeping dry.

Toothbrushes for cleaning those pearly whites.

And smartphones to help them stay connected.

He helps them learn valuable skills with which to contribute to the world.

Such as making music.


And personal training.

Not only are the squirrels gaining valuable skills and tools, but Ellis also treats them to fabulous experiences that they can then tell all their jealous squirrel friends about.

They attend lavish parties.

Go on thrilling high-speed journeys.

And even protect the world from menacing creatures.

Ellis makes sure that his squirrel friends are always up-to-date on current events too - they seem pretty darn excited about the new "Star Wars" movie. They totally know how to use the force.

In the end, all Ellis can really do is put out things for the squirrels to play with and hope for the best. He never knows exactly what will happen ... but usually, it's pretty darn fantastic.

To see more Squirrelisimo photos, you can follow Max Ellis on Instagram.