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Hero Squirrel Pees On TV News Reporter

Squirrels really are the best at a lot of things, like climbing trees, tracking down nuts and making those adorable little chewing noises when they eat. When it comes to being cooperative participants in local television news segments, however, they're far from being number one - though "number one" may make an appearance.

While on the scene at the Nashville Boat Show in Tennessee over the weekend, WZTV news reporter Kelly Rippin had a memorable encounter with Twiggy, a domesticated squirrel who's been trained to waterski. After mussing with Rippin's carefully coiffed hair for a moment or two, the defiant interviewee then seems to further underscore her thoughts on the whole affair.

She pees on her.

Rippin takes the squirrel's surprise urination in stride, later tweeting about the incident: "This is television people." But while there may be no harm done, aside from a soiled dress, there's a chance little Twiggy was actually trying to send her a message.

Rodents, like rats, are known to pee when frightened or stressed - so it's entirely possible that Twiggy really wasn't having such a great time after all. Meanwhile, the squirrel's owner, Lou Ann Best, insists that Twiggy "is really quite happy with her life," though some animal experts might disagree.

"Unlike our typical pets and companion animals, squirrels lack the instinct to rely on others for food, protection or companionship," warns Second Chance Wildlife Center. "This makes the adult squirrel a solitary animal unsuited for living with others."

Aside from that, vets say they make lousy pets for a variety of reasons - at least one of which Rippin could attest to. Let's call it the "golden rule."