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Sassy Squirrel Repeatedly Comes To Door Demanding Peanuts

It's no secret that squirrels are experts when it comes to foraging for nuts. But one fluffy-tailed tree dweller has evidently discovered a much more convenient way to secure himself a tasty snack.

He's found a human who's just giving them away.


In an unusual arrangement, YouTube user Sigma207 has begun to be visited by an oddly insistent little local - this polite, albeit somewhat demanding squirrel.

Over a series of videos uploaded in recent days, the furry freeloader can be seen eagerly waiting outside a back window to ask for some food. In the first clip, the squirrel appears to be a bit hesitant as the person filming reaches out with a peanut in hand to oblige him, but in time the charity-seeker grows ever bolder.

On his second visit, the squirrel seems slightly more assured that his request will be granted. Still, he's apprehensive when it comes to collecting his prize.

By visit three, there's pretty much no trepidation left on the squirrel's part. This time, he even lingers by the window as if to show just how much he's been enjoying all the free peanuts.

On the squirrel's fourth visit, his earlier excitement about the possibility of getting a free peanut has clearly given way to a sense of expectancy.

Now, rather than approach gingerly, the squirrel is seen ready with his little nose pressed against the window - looking a bit miffed that it's taking so long for the handoff.

While there doesn't appear to be any harm done (yet) with this daily routine, it is generally recommended that people don't feed squirrels or other wild animals by hand. Doing so, as demonstrated above, can reduce their healthy fear of humans, and could potentially result in someone getting bitten.

For folks who want to help squirrels stay chubby, feeding them from afar is always a better bet.