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Squirrel Takes On 'Squirrel-Proof' Feeder, Fails Miserably

The birdfeeder said it right on the label: "Squirrel-proof." But that didn't stop one intrepid squirrel from going for the gold.

It was a daring act that ultimately backfired for the adventurous rodent.

He reached inside for food and even managed to squeeze his body through, an impressive feat considering how he's a rather big-boned squirrel.

Getting in was the easy part. He probably enjoyed a good meal before he realized the hardest part was still to come. Like a bank robber who accidentally locked himself in the vault, he got himself stuck in the cage designed to keep him out.

YouTube/Wildlife Aid

Fortunately, the man who bought the bird feeder had compassion for the squirrel. He called Simon Cowell, founder of the Wildlife Aid Foundation and not the "American Idol" judge.

"I've done so many of these over the years, you'd be surprised," said Cowell, who used a set of pliers to cut the wire around the squirrel's body. "The trick is to cut the wire without cutting the squirrel, which he wouldn't be very grateful for."

It only took a few moments, and when the "very big, angry" squirrel realized he was free he shot away like a bolt of lightning - almost too quickly for the camera woman to follow.

"The camera lady missed the release," Cowell lamented into the camera.

YouTube/Wildlife Aid

YouTube/Wildlife Aid

And just like that, the job was done. "Well, he won't do that again, will he?" Cowell remarked.

"I'm afraid I've slightly demolished your squirrel-free feeder," noted Cowell.

YouTube/Wildlife Aid

He also recommended a simple wooden feeder to avoid another incident like this.

For more rescue footage and dry British humor, watch the full video below.

The Wildlife Aid Foundation is a group of rescuers who rehabilitate animals to their natural environments. Learn more about its efforts and what you can do to support it by visiting its website.