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Springy Dogs Engage In Graceful Slow-Motion Water Ballet With Garden Hose

Border collies Turbo and Tess are spring-loaded with liveliness and are looking to take out some of that energy on the fascinating water-hose in the backyard. As soon as the jet goes off, Turbo and Tess spring into action. The bouncing water-dance is even more impressive when shown in slow-motion!

The best way to water the grass is by splashing as much as possible, of course!

Perhaps the buddy-system is the best way to bring down the treacherous water jet.

After an intense water-play, there is nothing more important than a proper (and impressive) shake-down!

Border collies are known for being extremely kinetic and having a supernatural amount of energy. This dog breed has a background in herding sheep, which explains the intense speed and agility demonstrated by Tess and Turbo. Says owner Andrew Challenger, "Both dogs have been attacking streams of water since they were pups, and Tess has been doing competitive agility for the last 2 years."

Watch the full water dance below:

(YouTube: flyingp0tat0es)