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17 Adorable, Teeny-Tiny Animals Who Were Rescued This Spring

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Ah, spring. Lots of sun, early flowers and - if you're a wildlife rescue - thousands of baby animals in need of help.

With the warm weather comes floods of wild babies, many of them disturbed or orphaned by human contact. Fortunately, wildlife rescues around the world are working hard to make sure these little animals have a chance at growing up. To celebrate their work, here are some of the sweetest, loveliest, cutest little rescues who have been helped so far this spring.

These chubby baby bunnies.

This lovable little raccoon.

The sweetest infant squirrel.

This fierce great horned owlet.

This exquisite little bird.

This itty-bitty diamondback terrapin.

This busy baby beaver.

The fuzziest dove hatchling.

This compact little hare.

The most precious fox cubs in the world.

This inquisitive possum.

The coziest baby squirrel.

This wobbly little white-tailed deer.

The snuggliest bunnies.

And these absolutely perfect raccoons.

And if do find a baby animal, make sure to contact your local wildlife rescue right away!