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35,000 Condoms Are Tackling Species Extinction This Halloween

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Ghosts are spooky. Dracula was a creep. But the specter of the exploding human population - which can't be solved by Bill Murray in an exterminator outfit - is scarier still.

This Halloween, however, conservation group the Center for Biological Diversity is playing a small part in curbing overpopulation by handing out 35,000 condoms like, well, candy.

The rising human population stands in stark contrast to dwindling biodiversity among wildlife; the World Wildlife Fund notes that populations of vertebrate species have declined by 52 percent in four decades. And a globe warmed just a few degrees overall, stemming from human-made climate change, could put roughly a quarter of the planet's species at a high risk for extinction.

In addition to its condom wrappers featuring endangered species like the panther and hellbender salamander, the group is celebrating the spookier side of nature with flyers about spiders and snakes:

(Credit: Mellissa Amarello)

"In the past 40 years, we've added more than 3 billion people to our population, while wildlife populations have plummeted," says Taralynn Reynolds, a Center for Biological Diversity conservationist, in a statement. "We can no longer ignore that rampant human population growth and overconsumption are driving species extinct."

(Credit: Mellissa Amarello)

It's not the first time Center for Biological Diversity has passed out prophylactics, having given away some 500,000 condoms featuring endangered species over the past five years.