Dog Hurt In Hit And Run Still Loves Wagging His Tail

This stray golden retriever was hit by a car and left to die on a Texas road. Whether it was due to luck, sheer willpower or an amazing combination of both, he managed to hang onto his life until someone came to his aid at last.

Spirit, who is around 3 or 4 years old, was discovered by a Good Samaritan on Wednesday. He was immediately rushed to emergency medical care by Dallas DogRRR, where he was stabilized. Both of his front legs had been severely fractured, and he has advanced heartworm.

WARNING: Graphic image ahead

A video from the moment Spirit was found showed that even though his injuries rendered him unable to walk, he still had the incredible will to move ...

... and upon being rescued by Dallas DogRRR, he just couldn't stop wagging his tail.

In a Facebook post, Patti Dawson, executive director and board member of Dallas DogRRR, spoke about the heartbreaking extent of Spirit's injuries. "Spirit's left leg is shattered and has a compound fracture," she wrote. "This break is the most severe as it has broken the skin and has the potential to become infected as well as have some nerve damage."

According to Dawson, Spirit's right leg broke in three separate places - one of the breaks can be treated immediately, while the other two are more severe and difficult to repair.

Doctors have had to keep Spirit highly sedated just to help him tolerate all of his pain. Even so, Dawson describes Spirit as a "sweet soul" who gives kisses in addition to looks of gratitude.

The most recent updates concerning Spirit's progress are now pointing toward the amputation of his left leg, due to the severity of the injury, Dawson told The Dodo. Doctors believe that they will be able to save his right leg, and he will be receiving surgery on it Friday.

Spirit needs help. As Dallas DogRRR continues to care for him, assistance in paying off his increasing medical costs, currently at $17,000, is crucial to his recovery. Dawson told The Dodo that Spirit will forever have arthritis in his joints, but should be able to otherwise enjoy a good quality of life.

If you'd like to help support Spirit and donate to his medical fund, click here. Every little bit counts.

You can also follow the latest updates concerning his progress on Facebook.