This Dog Has No Idea He Looks Like A Bat

He's always smiling.

Tucker, a 3-year-old mixed breed rescue dog, is a very special little guy.

Tucker has MPS VI, a mucopolysaccharide disease that causes deformities and various medical issues. He looks a little different than most dogs ...

... and when he smiles, he almost looks like an adorable bat rather than a dog.

The sweet dog was rescued and now lives with his mom in Los Angeles.

Tucker isn't blind, but he does have cloudiness in his eyes, so it can sometimes be hard to make out certain details. So he often wears goggles to protect his eyes. He can't walk on his front paws, but that has never stopped him from going anywhere he wants to.

Tucker may be a little different, but he's also the happiest dog around, and has never let his disease stop him from living his life.

He loves playing around with other dogs ...

... and seems to have no idea he's any different from anyone else.

Tucker also loves meeting other people and dogs with MPS ...

... and is proving to everyone that having special needs is SO not a big deal. He can still do anything he sets his mind to, and he'll never stop overcoming his struggles every single day.