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Sparrowhawk Gives Its Rescuers A Hard Time


The intrepid rescuers of the Wildlife Aid Foundation have been at it again!

Here they get to grips with the challenge of catching a sparrowhawk on the loose in a warehouse. As with all WAF missions the animal rescue team, in this case the dynamic duo of Simon and Sean, never know for sure till they get to the incident precisely what equipment will be needed for the task in hand. So it's usually a case of improvising with whatever bits and pieces they've been able to take with them.

In a huge warehouse, with a roof 20 meters high, and with no idea where the bird would settle once it had finished flying around, Simon decided to try to cobble together several short poles into a rather unwieldy long pole, while Sean clambered freestyle up the side of the building to try to locate where the bird would end up! At WAF they like to claim that it's skill and training that does the job, but in this case it really was a question of "winging it" in every sense!

Now, watch what happened: