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Sparrow Stops By Diner Every Day For Lunch With His Favorite Person

His name is Baldie — and he's always hungry.

When a man first started having lunch at a local diner, he was a little annoyed with the birds that kept trying to take his food - until he realized it was the same bird every day.

The man first noticed that it was the same sparrow joining him for lunch in September, when he started recognizing him by the bald patch in his feathers.

"Admittedly, initially it was quite off-putting having the sparrow come by to try peck at my food, as I had assumed the bald patch meant that he was sick or something," the man told The Dodo. "I used to wave him away but he would chirp in surprise as he flew off, and it made me feel bad. So eventually, since I'd finished with my lunch anyway, I'd let him peck at my food."

The man named the sparrow Baldie, and dining together has now become a routine for them. Each time the man goes back to the diner, Baldie is there to join him ...

... excited to peck at the remains of his lunch and spend some time with his friend.

"Every once in a while he doesn't show up for a few days, and I'm left wondering if anything's happened to him, but so far Baldie usually comes back with a hungry belly," the man said.

Ironically, the man originally picked the diner because it's secluded and he's able to dine alone in peace. Instead, he ended up making an unlikely friend, and looks forward to seeing Baldie at lunch every day.

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