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Woman Saves The Cat Everyone Else Said Was Unadoptable

"He was obviously in really bad shape but I couldn't get him out of my head."

<p>Rachel Brown<span></span></p>

Jon Snow was found all alone in an alleyway in South Korea, struggling to survive. He was starving, dehydrated and had a severe upper respiratory infection. No one thought Jon Snow would make it - except for one person.

Rachel Brown knew she wanted to adopt a cat, and spent weeks looking through lists of all the cats in the country who'd been brought into kill shelters. When she came across Jon Snow, she knew immediately that he was the one for her.

Rachel Brown

"He was obviously in really bad shape but I couldn't get him out of my head," Brown told The Dodo.

Brown had her boyfriend call the shelter to inquire about Jon Snow. The shelter owner told Brown's boyfriend that the cat was very sick, wasn't eating and probably wasn't going to make it.

"He actually told my boyfriend that I shouldn't adopt him because it wasn't worth it," Brown said. "It would be expensive. But I couldn't just leave him there, I wanted to help him so bad, so I did."

Rachel Brown

When Brown arrived at the shelter to pick up Jon Snow, she found him hunched over in an uncomfortable wire cage, a plate of untouched food in front of him. He looked so helpless, and in desperate need of a miracle. She filled out the paperwork as quickly as she could and immediately rushed him home to take him to the emergency vet.

Rachel Brown

On the way there, Jon Snow was still weak - but somehow had enough energy left to show his new mom how grateful he was to her for giving him a chance.

"He did try to get up and walk out of his carrier, so I could tell he still had a fight in him," Brown said. "He meowed when he couldn't see me through the mesh, and he kept staring at me."

Rachel Brown

When the pair arrived at the emergency vet, doctors told Brown the same thing the shelter owner had. They suggested putting Jon Snow down because he likely wasn't going to make it, even with treatment. Jon Snow was diagnosed with several infections, including feline coronavirus (FCoV) and feline herpesvirus (FHV). Vets were also convinced that he had feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which is often fatal.

But Brown refused to listen. She checked Jon Snow into the hospital, where he began his treatment.

Rachel Brown

Brown took a 30-minute train ride back and forth every day to visit Jon Snow in the hospital. Despite how sick he had been, Jon Snow seemed to get a little bit better every day. On only his fifth day in the hospital, all of his tests came back normal. The vets said they had never seen anything like it. Somehow, Jon Snow had pulled through.

Because Brown decided to take a chance on Jon Snow, she ended up saving a life.

Rachel Brown

Today, Jon Snow is completely healthy. He has tons of energy, loves to play and follows his new mom everywhere she goes.

"He's the best cat," Brown said. "He has such a personality. He's crazy, he runs around like a maniac and climbs his cat tower at light speed."

Rachel Brown

He sleeps on her pillow every night, and lets her know every day how grateful he is that she saved him.

"I'm so blessed by him," Brown said. "He makes my life a million times happier."

Rachel Brown