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Soldier Reunites With Dog She Thought She'd Never See Again

They're so happy to be together again.

This is the moment U.S. Army Sergeant Dahlberg's family was once again complete.

Facebook/Front Street Animal Shelter

For weeks, the soldier and her daughter had been without their beloved dog, Ginger, who went missing after running away from home. So much time had passed with no sign of her, they'd begun to fear that Ginger might never be found, but still they never stopped searching. And because of that, now the search is over.

One day, while checking local rescues online, Dahlberg was finally able to track Ginger down at Sacramento's Front Street Animal Shelter. It was there that they were finally reunited - an emotional moment captured on video.

As noted in the clip above, Ginger contracted parvovirus during her time on the street. With her family back in her life, however, she's expected to pull though.

"This disease can be lethal, but we were able to find treatment soon enough," the shelter wrote on Facebook. "And it looks like she'll make a full recovery now that she's back in her loving home."

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