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Little Lamb Wasn't Supposed To Live. But Then She Learned To Run.

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Soda Pop didn't stand a chance.

The tiny lamb arrived at Australian farm rescue Edgar's Mission on death's door, her little legs so weak she couldn't stand, let alone walk. Her caretakers didn't think she'd make it through the night.

But though she was so ill she could barely lift her head, she pulled through the night with their loving care. And the next.

Seeing her spunk, Soda Pop's rescuers knew they had to do whatever it took to get this little lamb back on her feet. "I honestly didn't think she'd make it this far," Edgar's Mission founder Pam Ahern says in a video taken a few days after the lamb's arrival. "She's so determined to live, so we're so determined to help her."

They tried splinting her legs, but the little lamb began to panic. So they came up with another solution.

They cut holes in a fabric shopping bag and slipped the little lamb into her new walker.

Vimeo/Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

Lifting the bag so her feet just grazed the ground, the tiny sheep got her first taste of standing.

Vimeo/Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

And over the next few days, she took her first real steps ...

Vimeo/Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

... and then a few more.

Vimeo/Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

She had lots of company, including some kind sheep who are special just like Soda Pop.

Vimeo/Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

After a few days, rescuers were overjoyed to see her run.

Vimeo/Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

Good job, little guys.

Vimeo/Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

And when they finally took her bag off, Soda Pop proved just how determined she is.

Vimeo/Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

Congrats, tiny lamb.

Vimeo/Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary

Thanks to the dedication of Edgar's Mission's staff, this little lamb made a truly spectacular recovery. "Her wonderful story is an important reminder that our greatest glories lie not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall," Ahern says.

You can watch Soda Pop's progress in the three videos below, which include cameos from some of the other animals and too many adorable little lamb moments to count. If you'd like to contribute to the care of Soda Pop and other animals like her, you can make a donation to Edgar's Mission here.

Part one:

Part two:

Part three: