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Snuggly Rescue Chicken Loves Bubble Baths

"I believe all animals deserve a second chance. But one with a soul as sweet as Caroline's deserves a particularly wonderful life."

Sweet Caroline the chicken is getting a taste of the good life in her foster home. And often, that good life tastes like spaghetti.

"She enjoys trying new things, and we have discovered that the treats that generate the most excitement are cooked spaghetti and bananas," foster mom Shari Kalina tells The Dodo. "Both of those get an extremely enthusiastic response, complete with excited clucking and head bobbing."

Shari Kalina

Caroline was found in a Maryland suburb, in December. She was covered in dirt, had badly-clipped wings and a deformed leg - likely from malnutrition - and was suffering from a bad upper respiratory infection.

She was also incredibly friendly.

"It's certainly possible that Caroline was raised as a pet, or at the very least, socialized to be around people in a manner that she enjoys," Katherine E. Zenzano, spokesperson for the Montgomery County Animal Services and Adoption Center, tells The Dodo.

But after about two weeks in the shelter, Caroline wasn't getting any healthier. So, says Kalina, who is the shelter's adoption coordinator, "I decided to bring her home."

Shari Kalina

Now, Caroline is convalescing quite well, while charming the socks off her adoring foster mom - whose lap she likes to hop upon, before leaning in for some head rubs.

"She makes this adorable little contented trilling sound and snuggles right in for a nap," says Kalina. "She is incredibly sweet and affectionate."

Shari Kalina

Even bath time is a dream.

The chicken's first suds session was to remove the caked-on filth, and it "seemed to be a relief for her. She obviously found it relaxing, as she almost started to fall asleep in the water," says Kalina.

An added bonus: The baths also seem to relieve Caroline's congestion.

Shari Kalina

If it sounds to you like Caroline is the kind of chicken you'd have a hard time giving up, you are correct. She's so darling, that Zenzano has dreams of her becoming a therapy chicken.

"I think it's fair to say that she's the most special chicken that has come through our doors," she says. "But with that being said, she also represents the mental and emotional capacity that chickens possess to form social bonds and also just how smart they are!"

Indeed, Kalina has become quite attached to her feathered charge. To the point she's thinking about making this situation permanent.

She's got two other rescue chickens, who just have to give their clucks of approval - that'll happen once Caroline is fully healed and can be around the other animals. And why wouldn't they be enraptured by this chicken, too?

"I've started to miss her when I have to be away from her for too long," Kalina says. "I believe all animals deserve a second chance. But one with a soul as sweet as Caroline's deserves a particularly wonderful life."

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