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'Snuggle Delivery' Brings Adoptable Pets Right To Your Door

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Have you been feeling like your workday would be a lot better if there were a puppy or kitten on your lap? Well, now there can be, if you happen to live in South Florida.

A new "snuggle delivery" service, courtesy of the Humane Society of Broward County, will deliver adoptable puppies and kittens right to your office for some hugs and playtime - all for just a $150 donation to the shelter.

"Not everyone can reap the benefits of snuggling with puppies and kittens like we do here at the shelter," read the Facebook announcement. "So we came up with the idea to bring adoptable puppies and kittens to you at your office."

The little love bugs will be available for adoption right on the spot, so the program will help animals find homes as well as raise much-needed funds for the humane society - not to mention improve morale in offices all around Broward County.

Unfortunately, "snuggle delivery" is available only in South Florida for now, but there's always the chance other Humane Societies will adopt the practice. Some places already have tested it out - in January, shelters in select cities partnered with Uber to deliver adoptable puppies to workplaces. And other shelters have tried different tactics to help their dogs and cats find forever homes; a rescue organization in New York City made online dating profiles for their adoptable dogs, and Neeners the pit bull was adopted thanks to and adorable series of photos of him wearing hats.

Don't despair, you can always ask your local Humane Society to introduce a similar program to "Snuggle Delivery."

Until then, if you're craving some playtime with an adoptable kitten or puppy, you might have to get in your car and deliver yourself to your local shelter. Or you can always check out Petfinder to locate a new best friend.

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