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Incredible Snow Sculptures That Actually Look Like Real Animals

Tired of finding yellow snow on your front lawn? How about building a snow sculpture of a giant guard dog to keep the smaller dogs away?

With brown spots and black eyes that ask you for just one more hug, a dog made of snow has been making its way across the web this week.

Below are a few more amazing snow sculptures made in the likeness of our animal friends.

Snowy-white rhinos with oxpecker birds

They're a perfect example of symbiosis.


Just because he's extinct doesn't mean he can't join in the fun.

Dinosaurs, including two brontosauri

Where do their heads end and the clouds begin?


In case you didn't notice, he is bursting through the floor.

Humpback whale

Showin' off that tail.


"You gotta meditate to levitate."

Polar bear

"I'm totally diggin' this cold weather, man."