These Otters Playing In The Snow Have Officially Won At Winter

<p><a href="">Flickr/USFWSmidwest</a></p>

These otterly adorable scamps are having way too much fun to be sick of winter yet.

1."I love a good roll in the snow in the morning, don't you?"

YouTube/maxime Descoteux

2. "What? Did someone say more snow?"


3. "Who needs a snowboard when you can use your own belly?"

YouTube/National Geographic

4. "You don't mind helping me dry off, right?"


5. "We must commence our Olympics training: Downhill Ottering!"

YouTube/National Geographic

6. "And now, for my amazing face burrowing trick. Behold!"

YouTube/Love Nature

7. "Will you two stop roughhousing? You're on thin ice with me!"

YouTube/Alex Call

8. "When you feel like you've dug yourself into a hole ... Dive in."

YouTube/PBS Fans

9. "You're bigger than most of the other otters I know, but we can still be pals."

YouTube/maxime Descoteaux