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10 Snowy Ways To Have Fun With Your Pet This Winter

1. Build a luxurious cat fortress of solitude!


2. Navigate a snow maze - and maybe cheat just a little.(3milliondogs)

3. Take a romantic snow shovel ride.


4. Build amazing snowman likenesses of one another.

(Reddit: Saimouer)

5. Catch a snowflake or two with your bare paws!

(Reddit: Firecow911)

6. While you're at it, catch a few snowballs.

(Reddit: snail-in-the-shell)

7. You can also keep it simple with some satisfying snow-digging.


8. Make a snow angel - er, dog.

(Reddit: RyWeezy)

9. Bounce through the snow piles.


10. Go sledding - but take turns.


... But if it's really coming down out there, just enjoy the snowfall from a cozier location.


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