SNL Skit Gets Real About SeaWorld

"Would you like to be jacked off for your sperm?"

... is never a question you want to be asked, especially not as an audience member in a high school theatre, but Saturday Night Live went there last night in a sketch about a student-written theatre piece called "Mirror to America: A Reflection of You." The target of the student actors' message? SeaWorld.

(Scroll down for the full clip.)

The skit comes just after SeaWorld's milestone announcement this week to end its signature whale show at the San Diego location by 2017, and it features a group of unapologetic students smackin' down some truths which, for some parents in the audience, are just a bit much.



A healthy response to being asked to imagine yourself as a captive whale.



That's the only appropriate reaction to have upon learning what really goes on at SeaWorld, even if it is coming from angst-filled teens. From holding whales captive, to separating these highly social creatures from their own families and, yes, to the unnatural breeding of whales ... it's horrible to think about what goes on inside those tanks.

It's an awful situation that could benefit from a little humor.

Thanks for laying down those hard-to-face nuggets, SNL. Your truth fire may be burnin' too hot for the parents in the Woodbridge High School auditorium, but it played just right for an audience of animal lovers.