Sneaky Cat Steals Neighbors' Stuff Faster Than His Human Can Return It

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Snorri the cat has quite the sticky paws - his human, Gabbie Hendel, determined last month that the orange tabby is a bit of a thief. She noticed Snorri was leaving the house and coming back with lots of things that didn't belong to him.

Snorri had been wandering around his Oregon neighborhood, swiping stuff from nearby houses and bringing his treasure back to Hendel. His stash of stolen goods includes, but is not limited to, shoes, gardening gloves, a matchbook and several mateless socks.

Hendel began cataloguing Snorri's illegal activities on social media, and her neighbors started coming forward to claim their stolen stuff.

But Snorri, whom Handel rescued as a kitten, hasn't slowed his stealing spree. As fast as Hendel is working to return the goods, Snorri is working faster to bring home as much as he can.

"I have seen him jump the back fence with a towel - a whole, entire towel!" Hendel told The Oregonian. So far, Snorri doesn't seem to be sorry for his actions. In fact, he's probably wondering where the thank yous are for the many presents he's been delivering to his human.