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Vets Successfully Save A Teddy Bear — And The Snake Who Ate Him

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A teddy bear named TED was rescued from the most harrowing journey of his plush little life - and so too was the snake who had gobbled him up.

Their troubles began after the large wild carpet python crawled into a home on the Gold Coast of Australia. The family inside, including their dog, was alerted in time to move to safety, leaving the poor stuffed bear - the dog's plaything - as the snake's easiest target.

And sure enough, the snake ate TED.

Afterward, the family called Tony Harrison, of Reptile Relocation and Awareness, to have the uninvited python escorted from their house. It was then that they mentioned the tragedy that had befallen TED - and it's a good thing that they did.

It turns out that the decision to swallow the teddy bear would have been tragic for the python, too, leading to a deadly blocked intestine.

Apparently, stuffed animals aren't part of a snake's recommended diet.

Harrison brought the snake to medical experts at the Vet Lounge, a facility equipped to handle cold-blooded patients. An X-ray revealed TED on his ill-fated journey through the python's digestive system.

For both of them to survive, the teddy bear would have to come out. So, vets rushed the snake into emergency surgery. Their mission? Get TED.

Warning: The images below are a little gross - but the ending is worth it.

With a few careful snips at the snake's belly, TED began to emerge.

If TED were, you know, an actual living thing, this would probably have been the moment he took his first big sigh of relief.

Fortunately, the surgery was a success! Not only did the teddy bear survive, the python did too.

Here's TED, post-op. It's hard to blame him if he looks a little out of it. He hasn't just been through a lot - he's been through a snake.

Several cleanings later, TED is looking as healthy as ever.

The teddy bear has since been returned to his grateful family, and the dog who loves him. The python, meanwhile, is recovering under expert care and is expected to return back into the wild in the next few weeks. In other words, a happy ending all around.

The problems of a single snake, and the stuffed animal she ate, might not amount to much for some folks. But it means the world to the rest of us to know that there are people out there, like these rescuers, who care enough to help.