Dozens Of Animals Rescued From Bags In Smuggler's Car

Much has been written about the horrors of the illegal wildlife trade, but no words can compare to seeing the helpless faces of its victims firsthand.

Officials in Cambodia made a shocking discovery this week, and in the process saved dozens of lives.

Packed inside a vehicle bound for the nation's border, they found 43 monkeys tied up in sacks with no hope of escaping. Police officials told the Khmer Times that the animals were being smuggled to be sold in neighboring Vietnam, a major hub for wildlife trafficking.

Photos of the monkeys show just how little regard is given to their well-being, as they were found piled up like mere commodities.

Unfortunately, the smuggler fled on foot before he could be captured, but the animals he or she was carrying are at least now safe from being sold for meat or as exotic pets.

Here's footage showing them being removed from the vehicle.

The monkeys have reportedly been placed under the care of forestry officials who plan to set them free within one of Cambodia's national parks.

Sadly, not all victims of the illegal wildlife trade are so lucky. Click here to learn more, and to find out how you can help stop it.