Sad Chimp Smokes A Cigarette In His Cage As Tourists Laugh

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Jia Ku is a chimp who is stuck in a zoo - he's also a chain-smoker.


A video shows amused tourists laughing as a chimp props a cigarette between his fingers and brings it to his lips. This chimp is currently being held in captivity at the Tianshan wild animal zoo in China.


When the smoke burns down to a butt, a tourist volunteers a fresh one, which Jia Ku takes, using the old butt to light the bummed cigarette.


It's may not be all that surprising to find a smoking chimp, considering humans and chimps share 98.8 percent of their DNA.

But two things are for sure: Jia Ku shouldn't be smoking (just like humans probably shouldn't be, either). And if someone is so bored they're chain-smoking, they probably shouldn't be locked up in a zoo.

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