Zoo Bear Shot Dead After He Climbs A Tree To Escape His Enclosure

A brown bear named Baloo was shot dead after he reportedly climbed a tree and escaped his enclosure at the Bojnice Zoo in Slovakia. He was 6 years old.

Zookeepers decided to shoot the bear after a tranquilizer gun didn't work, according to the Daily Mail.

Baloo had shown signs of frustration and aggression ever since he arrived at Bojnice from the Czech Republic. Even if zookeepers had managed to catch him and put him back into his enclosure, they feared he would try to escape again.

"A vet first used a tranquilizer gun, but without success," Andrea Klasova, a zoo spokesperson, told the Daily Mail. "As a result, we had to kill the animal - in the name of security for everyone."

Baloo couldn't be released into the wild either, the zoo wrote on Facebook after the incident, "because [he had] lost ... shyness in front of people."

The incident, which occurred on July 21, is just gaining international attention, as people are starting to question whether or not his death was necessary.

"If you were unable to handle the bear, it would be appropriate to find him another zoo. And not to kill him," a commenter wrote on Facebook after the announcement of Baloo's untimely death.

Others called on the zoo to shut its doors for good after the shameful incident.

The zoo wrote that it was "very sorry about what happened," adding that it would work on preventative measures for the future.

But that does little to change what's already happened. Rest in peace, Baloo.

The zoo did not immediately reply to The Dodo's request for comment.

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